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So much enjoyed participating in the co-creation of a book on integrated care, a model that almost everyone advocates as the way forward, but where the gap between word and deed turns out to be very unruly. In this book, 25 experts from all corners of healthcare and wellbeing look at what is already possible and beyond, from their own day-to-day trenches, expertise and experience. My privilege was to write a chapter … Continue reading CO-AUTHORING A BOOK, WHAT A JOURNEY

Two-and-a-half-years in

Two-and-a-half-years into Diverge, and what a journey it has been. 2019 was all about the digital strategies of big pharma towards digital biomarkers, patient companions, platform and ecosystem thinking. 2020 was all about … COVID-19 obviously, but it also brought 2 most inspiring projects, enabling me to combine a historical passion for life sciences and medical biotech with a more recent interest in digital health. Well into 2021, both projects have been … Continue reading Two-and-a-half-years in