What’s in a name

The name Diverge is a playful wink towards my “divergent” outcome in standard personality tests as well as my private journey into the “new normal” of work.

I am an ambivert. Not really fitting into one of the MBTI types and showing a multi-color DISC profile. I am naturally attracted towards the cross section of disciplines and domains, both in my professional life and pro bono societal activities. Connecting vision (conceptual and strategic thinking) with execution (hands-on and result-focused doing) in an iterative loop, is one of my biggest strengths as a professional, and how I love to work most.

Contemporary employment is increasingly diverging from the classical payroll model towards the building or enriching of teams with independent professionals. It took some time, honest feedback and the unrelenting support and belief of many people to discover this emerging model is a perfect fit for me. Enabling me to work with people whom I trust, that inspire and energise me. Allowing me to truly create value, make meaning and have impact. Get ready for the convergence of the divergent ones, as they have infinity as their limit