About An Tanghe

I am happily married and a dedicated mother of two fantastic boys, 15 and 18 years old (pics are from 2018, getting outdated).  I love to read, to run and mountainbike, to cook for and meet up with friends. In addition, I consider myself a self-motivated, driven and passionate professional.

I hold a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology, a master in Food and Dietary Sciences and an Industrial Engineering degree, but have been shaped at least as much by my professional experiences. Curiosity, opportunity and daring to explore new grounds has gradually led me to the exciting intersection of health, technology and innovation, which has become my favourite habitat.

By now, I represent 20 years of experience in research and innovation, of which 10 years in academia and 10 years in the context of private companies, public organisations and public-private partnerships. Throughout this professional journey, I have gradually evolved from researcher-specialist towards manager-generalist, always with an entrepreneurial flavour. My expertise, insights and network reside in life sciences and healthcare, covering about all stages and corners of the innovation value chain and ecosystem, with medical biotech and digital health as favourite habitats.

Picture me as a passionate and self-motivated professional, at my best in managerial roles and projects in which oversight and coordination, gaining subject matter expertise, building trust and relationships, and requiring a fair degree of exploration and development, are key elements. I unify vision (conceptual and strategic thinking) with execution (hands-on and result-focused doing). Connecting both, in an iterative loop, is one of my biggest strengths and how I like to work best.

Today, I am happy to consolidate, valorise & extend the altogether of my interests, knowledge and experience to the benefit of the projects and organisations that I support as an independent professional. At Diverge, I help innovative companies and their supportive ecosystem starting up or stepping up their project, program, business, partnership and/or client development and management – not by talking but by doing: hands-on & in-residence.

Aggregator, broker and connector by nature. Neo-generalist. Strong belief in the power of multi-disciplinarity, networks and ecosystems. Innovation happens at cross-sections, through joined forces and by enlarging the cake.

Looking forward to exchange thoughts!