Past Projects

Project manager remote clinical monitoring center

With a consortium of highly knowledgeable project partners – including LRM, UHasselt, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Jessa Ziekenhuis and Noorderhart – a region-wide Remote Clinical Monitoring Platform and Center will be pioneered at Health Campus Diepenbeek, aimed at empowering data-supported research, health and care. • Starting today, from the current “siloed” health data legacy, but preparing for … Continue reading Project manager remote clinical monitoring center

CRO Strategy, Business & Client Development Lead

As reMYND alumnus and life-long supporter, it was an honour and pleasure for Diverge to take up a temporary role as Strategy, Business & Client Development lead for its Contract Research Organisation. High on the agenda are the expansion to additional neurodegenerative disease areas and strengthening the client base in several upcoming R&D economies. reMYND’s … Continue reading CRO Strategy, Business & Client Development Lead

Project manager disruptive technologies in health & care

In this project, LRM and its partners PXL and BioVille have entrusted Diverge with a unique opportunity to conceive and build a data-platform enabled experimental hub that lowers the threshold to validate innovation ideas build on the better unlocking, exchange & sharing of health data. The current health and care landscape is complex and fragmented, … Continue reading Project manager disruptive technologies in health & care

Developing a vision, strategy & concept for a Remote Clinical Monitoring Center

Study assignment for POM Limburg, UHasselt and LRM, to build a vision and model for the infrastructure and organisation of a remote clinical monitoring center (RCMC), comprising a data infrastructure and call center, involving both primary and secondary care levels. Phase I of the study was comprised of a rich mixture of desk research, preliminary … Continue reading Developing a vision, strategy & concept for a Remote Clinical Monitoring Center

Go-to-market of next generation Alzheimer model

Grateful with the trust and opportunity to prepare the go-to-market of a next generation Alzheimer model, herewith strengthening the offering of reMYND’s preclinical CRO in helping its clients to assess the in vivo pharmacology of their experimental neurodegenerative treatments. reMYND’s CRO helps its clients assess in-vivo characteristics, pharmacokinetics/dynamics and the effects of their experimental treatments … Continue reading Go-to-market of next generation Alzheimer model

Client, partnership & business development support

Healthskouts inspires any healthcare stakeholder to delight its customer. By unlocking & connecting data silos, we uncover surprising insights and design novel experiences, as such helping our clients envision & validate unseen ways to compete. Back in 2014, I had the pleasure to help drawing, testing & iterating towards a strong problem-solution hypothesis, starting from … Continue reading Client, partnership & business development support

Founding CEO

Health House offers a unique stage and venue for various stakeholders to showcase, educate, learn, experience and interact on cutting-edge digital technology and disruptive future trends in health and care. The pillars of the concept: powerful dissemination, inspiration & education through visualisation, storytelling & experience creation, tailored to different audiences – are not by chance … Continue reading Founding CEO

Interim CEO

Since matching the sweet spot between health, technology and entrepreneurship, leading Microsoft’s Innovation Center in Flanders, albeit only ad interim, was a splendid opportunity, given that the MIC’s primary goals were to facilitate and build community for e-health pre-starters and starters in Flanders. The challenge was double-faceted: setting-out an operational plan and build, motivate and … Continue reading Interim CEO

Program coordinator

Coming from a university spin-off environment, with no start-up experience whatsoever but a warm heart for young entrepreneurs and keen interest in business modelling, taking up a position as coordinator and mentor for VOKA’s Bright & Young Potentials program was an exciting challenge. BRYO is a network of ambitious pre-starters and early starters till the … Continue reading Program coordinator

Head of Contract Research

Coming from an academic research setting, but encouraged by a vast experience in project, partnership and contract research management, I had the opportunity to start off as business developer, step up to business development manager and eventually general manager of reMYND’s Contract Research Organisation, within a time course of one year. Definitely a steep but … Continue reading Head of Contract Research