Interim CEO

Since matching the sweet spot between health, technology and entrepreneurship, leading Microsoft’s Innovation Center in Flanders, albeit only ad interim, was a splendid opportunity, given that the MIC’s primary goals were to facilitate and build community for e-health pre-starters and starters in Flanders.

The challenge was double-faceted: setting-out an operational plan and build, motivate and lead the teams, operating from 2 locations in Flanders, as well as lining-out the strategy for renewal of the public-private partnership model between Microsoft, local governments and other triple helix partners.

A period of 6-month is really short for tackling the above. Especially as a company outsider: having to learn the business, its ins & outs and sensitivities, and having to gain trust at all levels, as a prerequisite for moving forward. It was hard work but worth it, both in terms of outcome, learnings & satisfaction.