In the medEmotion project, founding partners EFRO, LRM, BioVille, PXL and their IT-partner Cegeka are building a data platform for the health & care innovation ecosystem, integrating classic medical data (from hospitals, general practices, …), personal health data (from apps, wearables, …), as well as environmental and other contextual data sources. Aim of this endeavour is to facilitate digital health innovation actors and projects that empower research or improve healthcare efficiency and outcomes in a data-driven manner.

It has been a privilege to pivot the project from a dead-end street to a renewed project plan, meeting the captured needs & opportunities among researchers, care professionals and entrepreneurs in the health and care innovation ecosystem. The current plan leverages the projects, activities and ambitions of several digital health innovators in the region (UHasselt, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Jessa Ziekenhuis, Noorderhart) that therewith joined the medEmotion partner consortium.

Happy to highlight the Remote Clinical Monitoring Center project in that respect: a major valorization path and use case for the versatile medEmotion platform, building on the lead use cases that are empowering hybrid care paths and research, both in the domain of cardiology and multiple sclerosis, to be situated at the Health Campus in Diepenbeek.

To disseminate the learnings, insights and knowledge gained in the process of setting up this ambitious innovation project, consortium and roadmap, we opted for a podcast as medium, featuring the skills of co-promotor PXL herein, as well as the much needed multidisciplinary expertise represented in the partner consortium.

In one of the first medEmotion podcast episodes, I had the honour to explain the vision and strategy behind setting up the medEmotion data platform. That was a first and last at the same time. My first time as a podcast guest. A symbolic wrap-up and good-bye as transition project manager. Stay tuned on your favourite podcast platform for the interesting topics and guests that are in the podcast pipeline!

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