Project manager disruptive technologies in health & care

In this project, Limburg Investment Company LRM and its partners Health & Care Incubator BioVille and University College PXL have entrusted Diverge with a unique opportunity to conceive and build a data-platform enabled experimental hub that lowers the threshold to validate innovation ideas build on the better unlocking, exchange & sharing of health data. The …

… current health and care landscape is complex and fragmented, with much room for improvement in terms of coordination and continuity of prevention and care. This is not just a Flemish or Belgian issue, but an international challenge. An important opportunity for optimization still exists in the field of data exchange, both in healthcare practice and for research purpose.

These data concern classic medical data as well as new types of health data generated by the citizen or patient himself / herself in his home situation (connected devices, wearables, apps,…)) as well as data stored in private and public databases.

By offering a data coordination platform with a flanking service and user community and by offering co-creation processes around specific use cases, within this project we want to bring new developments and trends with regard to the disclosure and exchange of health data to all stakeholders into health & care. This with the intention of lowering the threshold and facilitating innovation.

In concrete terms, the experimental hub will enable its users to functionally elaborate all possible use cases based on the integration of health data and work through the associated challenges (think: data governance, access and consent, as well as privacy, security and ethical aspects). In this way we offer the opportunity to validate ideas and make them tangible for potential partners, clients of investors, without having to invest in the available technology stack and expertise.

We not only facilitate the integration of the applicable data sources within a specific pilot, proof-of-concept or demonstrator project, but also offer assistance in recruiting the necessary partners and experts, from a rich network that covers both the health and care sector. represents government as industry.

The “best practices” distilled from the various pilot projects will be offered in the form of training courses and information sessions tailored to companies and organizations. This with the aim that the inspiration and demonstration of possibilities can be converted into innovation and which in itself can lead to a further acceleration of this innovation.

The closing dissemination event in which developers, users, healthcare companies and entrepreneurs come together to present the realizations, exchange knowledge, make contacts and let ideas for new projects hatch, is the immediate start of the active development of a vibrant user community.

With this project we want to give rise to new applications, new business units within existing companies or new ventures. Throughout our activities, we want to boost the local economy, but also inspire and accelerate the health and care sector on a broader geographic scale. The envisaged facilities can help to attract research and development, as well as startups and scaleups, in the field of Digital Health to the region, and thus help develop the Limburg Digital Health ecosystem.

This project is supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO).