Developing a vision, strategy & concept for a Remote Clinical Monitoring Center

Study assignment for POM Limburg, UHasselt and LRM, to build a vision and model for the infrastructure and organisation of a remote clinical monitoring center (RCMC), comprising a data infrastructure and call center, involving both primary and secondary care levels.

Phase I of the study was comprised of a rich mixture of desk research, preliminary market research and interviews (incl. learnings from pilot and model projects, both at regional, national & international level) so as to collect insights, input and inspiration from many different stakeholder perspectives. 

In Phase II of the study, the leading drivers for a successful RCMC in the Limburg region were identified, and a fitting vision and model were articulated. Build, buy or partner scenarios were discussed, synergies with existing initiatives in the region were highlighted, a preliminary roadmap and SWOT analysis were developed and advice on next steps was formulated.

The proposed model is robust against the expected consolidation of remote patient monitoring providers, it gives researchers and clinicians the freedom to work with their favourite devices and platforms, and it relieves them as much as possible: both in terms of data access and data aggregation and in terms of the technical, practical and logistical aspects that must be organised in the context of remote clinical monitoring.

The preliminary roadmap addresses the captured regional needs and opportunities already in initial phases and creates strong synergy and cooperation in the region: between innovation projects, between primary & secondary care, between care & research. In later phases, an innovative regional model for digital care and research is aspired, that can contribute to the expert reputation of the region, its appeal to innovative projects and players, and the search for new affordable and effective care models for the future.