Go-to-market of next generation Alzheimer model

reMYND’s CRO helps its clients assess in-vivo characteristics, pharmacokinetics/dynamics and the effects of their experimental treatments against Alzheimer’s disease in reMYND’s proprietary mouse models.

To strengthen its world-class service offering and leading expert signature, reMYND now seeks to expand into a so-called second-generation APP knock-in model, that is profoundly characterized yet exclusive in terms of availability for professional testing.

The joint project seeks to develop a strong and attractive positioning of the model within reMYND’s current portfolio of mouse models and read-outs, in the Alzheimer in-vivo proof-of-concept (PoC) market, and in line with what is envisaged by experts as the highest current standard of in-vivo PoC testing.

Hereto a series of in-depth interviews with a selection of key opinion leaders, leading funding agencies, pharma and biotech, complemented with an extensive market research effort, will be compiled into a launch plan.