Project manager remote clinical monitoring center

With a consortium of highly knowledgeable project partners – including LRM, UHasselt, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Jessa Ziekenhuis and Noorderhart – a region-wide Remote Clinical Monitoring Platform and Center will be pioneered at Health Campus Diepenbeek, aimed at empowering data-supported research, health and care.

• Starting today, from the current “siloed” health data legacy, but preparing for the future in every possible way (connecting every thinkable datapoint that improves health-related insights, integrating with the SOLID ecosystem, rendering data FAIR, …)

• Entailing a hybrid model of ultra scalable elements (data unlocking, coordination, federation, analysis, visualisation, sharing, monitoring) and regionally anchored elements (logistic and medical support)

With an initial focus on secondary prevention, people living with a chronic disease or recovering from surgery, but envisioning a roadmap moving towards managing pre-disposition, empowering prediction and enabling primary prevention

We firmly believe that we must start doing and learning today, ahead of the much needed yet slowly materialising legal frameworks, and in fact leaning into the latter with the multi-stakeholder insights gathered while doing.

We have witnessed personally that there is a critical mass of doctors, patients, hospital directors, researchers and healthcare entrepreneurs that would love to participate in both specific and systemic innovation processes. They would love to have the opportunity to help shape, monitor and secure the pragmatism, the relevance and the user-friendliness of new solutions, as well as the regulatory framework.

All public and private stakeholders, together making up the current and future healthcare system, have a lot to learn about how to best deploy technological innovation, what the new health model can look like, and how the different roles and responsibilities ideally should be organised.

No better way to learn how to overcome the known obstacles, and to discover the still unknown ones, than starting to act. You are welcome to join in this endeavour: your perspective, your insights, your ambitions and your dreams count!

I am happy and grateful that UHasselt entrusted Diverge with putting such highly fascinating project on the rails, building on the conceptual and pilot foundations that I could previously build in collaboration with POM Limburg and LRM, respectively.

This project is supported by funding from the “Relanceplan Vlaamse Veerkracht” of the Flemish Government.